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Professional Counseling and Psychotherapy

Janet M. Smith PhD LPC NCC has been providing patients with emotional and psychological help to deal with family problems. Our counseling sessions and individual therapy sessions are conducted in a relaxed comfortable environment. We help you untangle communication problems, personality clashes or any other problems causing issues with your interpersonal relationships.

Dr. Janet Smith is a licensed nationally certified professional counselor. She has received her license from the Louisiana Board of Examiners. She is a member of the National Career Development Association. Since 1979, Dr. Smith has been working in the field of psychology and counseling. With over 37 years of experience, she specializes in individual and relationship counseling.

We take appointments during weekends and evenings for your convenience.

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  • 39 Years of Experience
  • Compassionate Staff
  • Comfortable Environment
  • Friendly Counseling

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